Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for the commission paintings

We clear these three steps before starting commission a canvas or paper paintings.
  1. We need a clear picture, high quality picture or do the image scan with 300 DPI (resolution) for the best output.
  2. Required time, minimum 10 to 40 days, actually it counts on complexity of the work, therefore send a picture first to know exact time frame.
  3. We don't get it framed all the charges are only for the artwork.
Before starting any commission painting you have to pay 50% as advance and rest 50% amount after approval painting from your side just before the dispatch.

We will show you three stages of painting.
  1. When sketch will be drawn on canvas before starting colors.
  2. When painting will be in middle stage.
  3. Finished oil canvas or paper painting.
After seeing the final painting if you feel any corrections in the artwork then discuss the points with us which have to be changed because our aim is 100% client satisfaction first.

Initial communication with the artist.
Initially... there will most likely be a phone call or email communications with us depending on locations you might even have preliminary meetings at the artist's studio.

During this period, you and artist will work together to determine details of the commission?
  • Is the portrait to be formal or informal?
  • What will the subject wear (clothes and colors) background colors and what will appear in the background if you want to get customize background?
  • Precisely what will be the canvas or paper you want?
  • What might make a desirable color scheme?
  • Where will it be hanged on?
The artist will assist you through these essential questions. for the successful outcome of the painting begins to take shape.
You and the artist can also decide on a schedule and location for the painting preparation and sittings if require.

Shipping packaging and delivering.
  • No shipping charges for Indian clients, artwork will be sent by EMS (electronic mail service)
  • If clients request sending parcel by private courier services like Blue Dart, First Flights Etc. for fastest delivery so they have to pay extra charges for that, charges may be vary different because it calculates by weight of the parcel.
  • International clients have to pay shipping cost extra excluding painting charges.
  • We can delivery around 100 km from our studio but client's have to pay conveyance charges extra.
  • We care every pieces of art and pack it very well in a PVC tube, neither it can be break nor water entering. 
Note:- If you did not get satisfaction after receiving original painting so you can return the artwork to artist studio without any damage with valid reason, we will refund you 100% money back to your bank account.

We have most valuable clients from popular cities like: Delhi, Bombay, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Meerut, Surat, Ahmadabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Haryana, Ghaziabad, Dehradoon etc. and also from worldwide like: United States, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia etc.

If you still have any doubt and want to clear so feel free to call us on +919897324214 or reach us by email artjaved@yahoo.co.in